“Odilon” and “Gabrielle”, two scarves for the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux

petrusse-gabrielleOn Thursday, November 17th Petrusse has introduced two new creations : the “Odilon” scarf, inspired by a painting by Odilon Redon and the “Gabrielle” stole based on a portrait by Félix Vallotton.

“Tonight we celebrate art and beauty”

The event began with six ballet dancers from the Opera of Bordeaux. Guests could only admire the movements of « Odilon » carried by the music and the grace of Anna Gueho, Coralie Aulas, Marina Kudryashova, Natalia Butragueño, Emilie Cerutti and Claire Teisseyre.

Sophie Barthélémy, director of the museum, and Petrusse told the guests about the scarves, and about the partnership between the brand and the museum who share common heritage values.

“Odilon” and “Gabrielle” were born from a partnership between Petrusse and the Musée des Beaux-Arts. They have been added to the collection of exceptional pieces designed by Petrusse from works of art such as the “Madeleine” scarf.

“Gabrielle” : a cashmere for everyone

Petrusse has designed “Gabrielle” according to the portrait of Gabrielle Vallotton, painted by her husband Félix Vallotton. Gabrielle is represented on a sofa, with a red stole on her shoulders. Petrusse has chosen this red stole and added a cashmere pattern she particularly likes. Cotton made, this is an easy to wear stole.

“Odilon” : a colourful silk scarf


The “Odilon” scarf is based on the painting Le Char d’Apollon by Odilon Redon, famous painter from Bordeaux who died 100 years ago, on July the 6th, 1916. Petrusse kept the main elements of the painting and amplified the colours to create a fashionable scarf.

“Odilon” and “Gabrielle” are both available at the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Bordeaux, where the two paintings are displayed.