Petrusse and the sponsorship

Wednesday 21st of September, Petrusse was invited to the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Bordeaux for an event around art sponsorship. The exhibition « Fantastique ! L’estampe visionnaire de Goya à Redon » opened the event, with paintings used by Petrusse as inspirations for scarves and stoles.

Get involved in culture and promote sponsorship

Débat sur le mécénatThe director of the museum, Sophie Barthélémy, emphasized the importance of sponsorship to bring together private and public actors. Robert Fohr, responsible for sponsorship at the Ministry of Culture and Communication confirmed the growing interest of companies for sponsorship.

« Communicate through art » is the motto of the association Mécénart to support corporate sponsorhip in the region. It should be used as a « freedom tool » as explained by the president of the association. Other actors spoke to share their experiences of sponsorhip, such as the museum « La Piscine » of Roubaix and Fabien Robert, deputy mayor of Bordeaux responsible for culture.

« Textile is our unique language »

Petrusse discussed about the pieces of fabric, her « tresures », acquired over time. She also underlined her involvement alongside other artists : « they are invited and supported », then their works are translated into fabrics to share their skills.

She besides recommended to entrepreneurs to put theirselves in the shoes of artists : « it’s wonderful ! » as she said.


Exposition galerie des Beaux-Arts