creationInspired by the private collection of antique fabrics or by the environment around the workplace, every single Petrusse design is exclusive and unique.

Sometimes enhanced with delightful pearl and crystal detailing, tulle, silk or lace embroidery, velvet fringing, pompoms, peacock and ostrich feather trim detail our quality stoles are finished off by the magical and nimble fingered House seamstresses.

Petrusse makes tailor-made one-off pieces for us as well as for preferred partners.

Most House stoles are woven on jacquard looms in Kashmir. However when it comes to specific techniques like lance-decoupe, weavers still operate manually their skills using ancestral savoir-faire.

The expertise of the House of Petrusse is so valued that the greatest Museums and Chateaux call upon the company to reinvent the nobility of their heritage on fine fabrics.

Petrusse finally aims to share its passion with you and that’s why every season marks collaboration with an artist, painter or writer.