histoire-petrusseThe history of Petrusse revolves around one woman, a designer and artist who is passionate about art, literature and antique fabrics – Petrusse Reynen.

It all began back in 1996 when Petrusse, a Dutch born antique dealer and gallery owner, went on holiday to India. It was there where she stumbled across the world of weavers who plied their craft by hand or who were still weaving manually using ancestral methods.

Fascinated by what she was seeing she had the brainwave to create her first collection. This is how the very first Petrusse stoles saw the light of day and the kashmiri palmette motif was reintroduced to a French public. The noble high-end symbol of our brand was selected, stylised and reinterpreted by Petrusse to adorn the shoulders of chic and stylish ladies.

As the years went by Petrusse extended her fabric ranges, designs and sources of inspiration. These days we don’t just sell headscarves for women but also for men in the four corners of the world.