visuel-notre-symboleCashmere fascinates Petrusse because it represents a country, a motif, a wrap and a fabric all at the same time. It lies at the heart of many designs and was the starting point for Petrusse’s inspiration.

Our logo consists of botehs (from the Hindi – buta – meaning «plant» or «tree») symbolising a stylised Mughal four leaf clover.


Petrusse’s private collection is a source of inspiration on a daily basis.

The archives collected by Petrusse include over two hundred printed or woven cashmeres, and original gouaches establish a continual and fruitful dialogue with our different collections. Petrusse was one of the first to reinvent these ancient fabrics and ancestral Indian motifs called kashmirs and update them to suit contemporary tastes.
These exceptionally beautiful and rare fabrics are exhibited in a wide variety of sale outlets.