by Beatriz ALLUEVA

Petrusse is a French firm specialized in the design of stoles, scarves and shawls. A range of accessories dreamed up tram an idyllic castle south of Bordeaux inspired in ancestral collections originating in lndia. An exotic combination where creativity and quality go hand-­in-hand.

A stole is the ideal accessory in the eyes of Petrusse, one to be draped softly over your shoulders to give a special touch to every outfit. A fashion lovers’ favourite, and one that the Petrusse brand has transformed into a true work of craftmanship.
The history of the Maison Petrusse revolves around one woman. lt ail began back in 1996 when Petrusse Reynen, a designer and artist of Dutch origin, passionate about art, literatu­re, and antique fabrics, decided to abandon her art gallery following a holiday to lndia that changed her vision of the world. Fascinated by the ancient weaving techniques in lndia, she decided to let her imagination run wild and create her first collection based on the skills and designs she had soaked up into her mind during her trip.
Petrusse successfully reintroduced the kashmiri palmette motif back into France with her designs. Nature and wildlife found a central place in her stoles through her identifying logo: the “Botehs”. Of Hindi origin, the· word refers to a plant or tree and symbolizes a stylized four leaf claver that has become the starting point for Petrusse’s inspiration ever since. Her love for nature is evident in ail her collections, which evoke bath lndian nature and French landscapes. Out of her extensive range of accessories, one stands out in particular: a line of designs dedicated to her beloved dog Paulo, a fox terrier with whom she shares an intimate complicity. As well as inspiring the design of a headscarf, he became the house mascot following its great success.
Petrusse ensures each collection has its very own individual and persona! style. Al collec­tions feature stoles, headscarves and shawls created from an exquisite range of fabrics, patterns, colours and designs, which enable the designer to communicate her artistic vision and emotions and ensure that her art is always worn with style. Petrusse stoles transmit values, elements. of history and an artisan inheritance as each piece is handmade on looms or woven manually by craftsmen who reinterpret the know-how of lndian artisans, an ancestral art.
Petrusse has her own private collection of fabrics with delicate drawings and mixtures of colours that represent traditional lndian motifs. Exceptional designs embodied in ancient fabrics that are also found in the patterns of each stole, reinventing her designs to adapt to every day fashion. Cashmere, which is a central theme in her designs, represented much more than an exquisite rnaterial to Petrusse, it was a memory of a country, an inspiration, a canvas on which to reflect the philosophy, tradition and staries accumulated during her journeys. The cashmere is finished with pearl, crystal detailing, tulle, silk or lace embroiidery, velvet fringing, and feathers trim detail in the quest for unique and exclusive items finished off by the magical and nimble fingered house tailors.
Finding beauty in simplicity and a love for nature are the foundations which have guided Petrusse throughout the years. A symbol of refinement and style that still continues present today while it evolves incorporating new materials and partnerships with renowned artists, adapting to perfection bath male and female figures tram their magical headquarters at the Chateau Mauriac in Langon, France.
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