Being compassionate towards human beings, giving and focusing on the needs of others…. These are values that are dear to Petrusse’s heart.

This is why Petrusse wants to involve the House in a cause that resonates with her values. This means an involvement in education and initiating creative endeavour with purpose.


ma liberte corailMA LIBERTE HEADSCARF

Ma Liberte is a square silk scarf that was created following a collaboration between Petrusse and the young girls at UTCA (food disorders unit) at the Jean Abadie Centre, Bordeaux University Hospitals.

Ma Liberte comprises of a mosaic of drawings by the young girls undergoing treatment at the Centre. By joining forces with them to create this scarf Petrusse wanted to give them a moment of magic and release.

Because of this opportunity they were able to immerse themselves in art as a way of exploring their feelings and revealing these emotions in their illustrations.