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Like a veil of sweetness


Like a window on the world, this 100% cashmere stole offers us a unique view of the celestial vault. The vibrating heart acts as an infinite echo between heaven and earth. The stars give way to flowers, the planets with vegetation.

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100% sweetness

Impossible to resist him

To keep the course towards these beautiful horizons, marked with nature and sweetness, the iconic cashmere motif of Petrusse is added to the partition by showing us the direction. As if, in an instant, everything had a meaning.

100x200cm - 100% cashmere

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Diamond chucking weaving

This stole is woven according to the techniques of weaving clogged with diamonds for a finesse combining solidity and heat to accompany you during the winter.

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Freedom, creativity, responsibility

For more than twenty years, excellence has been our weft thread. Creativity, link with artists and the world art, our pigment. Targeted ? The beautiful horizons. We have always celebrated the alliance of culture and crafts. Inspired by artists, we have forged a free spirit and a vibrant signature, where color, tirelessly, serves expression and emotion.