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It is in full awareness of our time and its issues that we look at the future. Between social and environmental responsibilities, it is for us to create meaning and link. More than ever, solidarity to think about the future.

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The ideal silk square made in France

Instant of eternity embodied on a square of silk printed in France, rolled up by hand in the rules of the art and composed with four hands with the artist Pascale Lesage

Printing - hand -based

Available in: Red, Glacier, Emeraude.

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The most trendy accessory

Depending on your desires, it is worn in different ways: tie it around the neck, carry it in the shape of a tie, place it on your shoulders like a stole, tie it on a dress or jeans ... It is Also an ideal accessory in your hair: woven in your braid, worn in headband, attached around a ponytail ...

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Impossible to resist him

Silk square is the essential of your wardrobe. It must be said that this square with a noble and delicate fabric will be perfect for bringing a unique touch to your outfits. And more!

A scarf 1000 ways to wear it: find yours.

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