60% cotton, 40% modal

But what is the modal?The modal is a fiber of natural cellulose which shines as well alone as accompanied it is a textile from natural materials, it is ecological and respectful of the environment. It should be noted that these fibers are not synthetic fibers, but artificial fibers of plant origin. It is often said that the modal is an "improved" version of viscose because it is more resistant than viscose, but also smoother and more absorbent. It has a large number of qualities that make it a particularly resistant fabric: it is very elastic, stable and heat resistant. This is why it combines perfectly with other fibers to give a new fabric. He washes and dries up very well. Likewise, it can also be ironed, even if it is rare that it is crumple, which makes ironing supermarket. It is best known for its brilliant appearance which recalls silk.