On the one hand the company SAS PETRUSSE in the capital of 80,800 euros

The head office : 3 Chemin de Cantau - 33210 Langon - France

SIRET: 419 747 290 00031

Such. :: +33 (0)5 56 31 74 74

On the other hand :Our non -shopping personal customers.

Publication Director : Florence Lafragette

Artistic direction : Florence Lafragette

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You can contact him at any time by email, at the following address hello@petrusse.com


The Petrusse site is produced by Petrusse SAS, with a capital of 80,800 euros, registered under number 419 747 290 RCS Bordeaux, whose headquarters are located at Château Mauriac 3, chemin de Cantau 33210 Langon, France. Such. : 05 56 31 74 74

Publication director: SAS Petrusse

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