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Nude palma

Nude palma

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No doubt, if everyone is the main actor of their own film, at the top of the steps of their destiny, it is in a victorious classicism that he would present the work of his life.

On red carpet or asphalt, this jacquard weaving End and delicate Now has the golden palm of essential From the Petrusse house.

Our iconic cashmere pattern blends into false-uni in the shine silk and the side mast wool to compose an stole sumptuous and timeless.

Jacquard weaving

Available in: Nude, Lagoon, True White, Navy, Mother -of -pearl, Strawberry, Poppy, Bougainvillier, Flame, Black, Ocher, English green, Green-grey, Forest green, Beige, Vermilion, Glacier, Emerald, Purple.

come discover in our shops the palma stole declined in More than 38 shades To find your perfect match.

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