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Silk mask - Category 1

Silk mask - Category 1

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100% recycled, 100% handmade and made in France.
A year ago, the Petrusian house launched his first masks in response to your requests and those of our partners. After one year of research and improvement, petrusian silk masks are categorized by the French Institute of Textiles and Clothing "compatible for the general public filtration greater than 90%" (Category 1), in accordance with decree n ° 2021-76 of January 27, 2021.

This AFNOR type mask, Category 1, is in washable, comfortable, light and breathable silk twill, which covers the nose, mouth, chin. All models are unique* Because cut in our stoles. Each model has an integrated nose clip to adjust on your face optimally.
A layer of silk on the outside, two white cotton filter membranes inside and polyester on the mouth side.

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This mask, category 1, meets protective standards. It is 98%filter. Wearing this mask does not replace the recommended barriers.
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