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WALLPAPER,Thought to last

« Reveal a personality with a scarf, sublimate a place, enhance the heritage through drawing ”. Our first range of furnishing fabrics and wallpapersMade in France is aproject anchored in theinheritance from our house, magnifying our motive-nursing "Eve".

“Magnificent colors in this first collection that will dress your walls and windows with this unique and intense print. »»Violette Crus, interior decorator in Bordeaux.

Available in four colors:
  • Sky : A sweet and captivating blue.
  • Night : An intense blue with a lot of character.
  • Sand : A mineral beige, neutral and soothing.
  • Sun : A vitamin and sunny yellow.

For your personalized nuanceContact us at home@petrusse.com.

Order online, a unit = a roller 0.75cmx10m and go to our shops to discover the quality decoration quality.

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Shipping within 15 working days.

Our wallpaper, easy to lay and resistant to light, has been thought of and made in the rules of the art.

Weight : 190g/ M2.
Connection: Height: 75 cm, vertical: 75 cm, right connection.

LES 4 Catalog colors :​ 150 € TTC per roller 0.75mx10m.
Personalized colors and dimensions Available on quote: contact us at
Shipping within 15 days.

Application : Glogging of the wall.
Use : wall / tapestry, decoration and stand layout.
Washable Washable paper
Light -resistant
Easy to install wallpaper


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