Yoga mat in Sorbet - Travel


Petrusse x baya
Make your unique yoga

At Petrusse we make it a point of honor to develop our engagements ecological and ethical, since the creation of our products even in our demanding and thoughtful partnerships, to imagine and create made products to last.

This yoga carpet with a unique design using our iconic Eve print will be perfect for you accompany everywhere. Light, folding and washable, it will be your ideal ally for your sessions wherever you are. It can also be used in over-cutis.


Available in: Yoga Soft Eve Ciel

Yoga carpet - Travel

1mm - Natural rubber base, SGS certified.

Microfiber overlay, water inks

Machine washable 

Petrusse x baya
Make your unique yoga

Learn more about Baya X Petrusse.

1mm - natural rubber base, SGS certified. 

Microfiber overlay, water inks .

183 x 61 cm
Wipe your carpet using a damp cloth previously soaked in soapy water. Rinse with clear water and wipe with a dry cloth.

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