Petrusse is committed to protecting the oceans

Petrusse X The Tara Ocean Foundation
"Water is our essence."

We Care

From July 1 to August 31, Petrusse house engage for the benefit of Tara Ocean Foundation. For each silk square "My Nympheas"Sold, we donate part to the foundation created by Agnès B.

Common values

The Tara Ocean Foundation leads a scientific revolution around the ocean to anticipate and better manage climate risks. She uses this scientific expertise very high level for to raise awareness and educate The young generations to preserve the ocean. It is thanks to this operation with "My Nymphéas" that our house materializes his engagement in this essential cause.

The environment is at the heart of inspiration, creations and Petrusian actions.

SILK SCARF "My nymphs"

Silk square "My Nympheas"is a reinterpretation of Monet's Nympheas.

Art is a subject dear to the Petrusian house, Just as water was for Monet. We have chosen to devote the silk, French manufacturing, in the colors of the water,to ocean protection. Monet's Nympheas are an emblem of modern art and impressionism, just like The Tara Ocean Foundation symbolizes the ocean protection.

Thus, this operation finds its soul in this sharing of values ​​and this majestic aquatic theme.

Petrusse_carredesie ofoulard_soie_etole_bordeaux_paris_art_mecenat_taraocean

Monet's Nympheas.

Engage with us : find our silk squareMy Nympheas, 100% silk, 105cmx105cm, 140€.

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