Lodyssee du Lin french

Lodyssee, our linen stole 100 % French, the most tendency and fiber ecological par excellence.

Lin, made in France, lodyssee

Flax flower production


Linen is a productionLOCAL. TheFrance is since a long time The world leader in flax production, carried out in the north of France, not far from the lands of Normandy, cradle of flax culture.
TextileENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, Linen is noble and ecological.
The flax flower, once transformed into a wire, becomes the most resistant. Zero waste, since all parts of the plant are used and valued. It requires little water and few pesticide but a lot of CO2 (therefore retains greenhouse gases), good news!
Finally, linen is biodegradable If it has not been mixed with other materials.
Lin, made in France, lodysseeLodyssee- 100% French flax stole, available in five shades, man and women -A timeless uni

The HousePetrussebegins by supporting the producers and flax spinners French. Lodyssée is a Iin French certified Master of Linen® : a registered trademark and a seal of excellenceFrom plant to fabric. Thanks to this label, consumers are fully aware of the origin of their flax, production is European guaranteed, from wire to fabric.

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Linen, lodyssee, made in France