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Cupro: What is it?

Responsible and biodegradable material

Our cupro is a responsible and innovative fiber produced from Ouko-Tex certified cotton line. Daked and short, it envelops the seeds of cotton plants. The waste produced during the Cupro creation processes is entirely recycled, with a global rate close to 100%, it is also fully biodegradable.

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Its incredible qualities

The perfect ally in all time

It is an excellent thermoregulator, it is also hypoallergenic: ideal to wear in any season!
The cupro has a silky touch, much softer than conventional cotton, and more breathable than the latter. He has fallen identical to that of silk. It dries very quickly; Ideal in summer, from the city to the beach. Very easy maintenance: the cupro can machine wash in a single cycle at 30 ° C and even if it is very crunkum very little, it can be ironed like cotton.

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They talk about it best

Isabelle, manager of Bordeaux shops

"I who are used to silk squares, I believed in a large square of silk. I never imagined having such silky, delicate and resistant product."

Sophia and Vanessa, managers of the Paris store

"It's the square in the city and at the beach. Ultra light and so pleasant to wear, easy to tie. We really want to share with you our stars tutorials."

Amber, client of the Tourny - Bordeaux store

"I had the chance to discover the product in preview: a must in the making. Practical, colorful and light!"

Anne, client of the Remparts Boutique - Bordeaux

"Sweetness and holding of silk, the resistance of cotton and the soul of Petrusse: I love it !!!"

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- a responsible and biodegradable fiber
- thermoregulator, soft and light: the perfect product for all occasions
- Easy to maintain


130x130cm - 100% cupro
Frame printing
Available in: green, fuchsia, sun.

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