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When our heart beats fast, it is for the "heart” of the Castillon la Bataille organ! 400 beats! 
A love affair, a discovery, a 400-year-old piece of work. 
A project that thrills enthusiasts who have decided to fight their battle: building an organ for the magnificent church of Castillon! 
And it is to the Maison Petrusse that the 400 brushstrokes have been entrusted to create the panels that will adorn the instrument. 
While awaiting its construction, a series of silk squares and stoles were made according to the rules of art, using the designs that will adorn the panels. 
This church is located in one of France most important heritage site. Maison Petrusse is delighted to have had the opportunity to assemble on its canvas strong and significant elements from the history of the location as well as the poetry, peace and Nature that surrounds it. 
3 shades: Orange, Bleu and Beige. 
1 size: 70x180cm 
100% organic cotton 

100% organic cotton
70 x 180 cm
Cleaning at 30 ° C, drying 80 ° C maximum and ironing at 200 ° C maximum.

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