Carre 130 - Fuchsia charm


A large light square like silk, refreshing like a soft breeze. Maison Petrusse innovates with a new ethical fiber, responsible and vegan.

Charming infinitely declines our iconic cashmere motif. Like a mandala, a joyful and solar circle that takes us into its wake of good waves and invites us to dream of new horizons and a better world.

This very large square is printed in the frame on a new material: the Cupro, a responsible and innovative fiber produced from cotton links. Duveter and short, it envelops the seeds of a cotton plant. The waste produced during the Cupro creation processes is entirely recycled, with a global rate close to 100%, it is also fully biodegradable. The qualities of the cupro are numerous: excellent thermoregulator, it is also anti-transpiring and hypoallergenic. Due to the treatment it undergoes, the cupro has a much softer touch than conventional cotton and a fall identical to silk. It dries very quickly, ideal in summer in the city and at the beach.


All about the cupro

Available in: Fuchsia, Sun, Green.

100% cupro
130 x 130 cm
Washing at 30 ° C and even if it is very very crunkum, it can be ironed at low temperature.

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