Château Mauriac - Petrusse - Silk Carré - Scarf
Enter the dream of Petrusse ...

For more than twenty years, excellence has been our weft thread. Creativity, the link with artists and the world of art, our pigment.

Targeted ? The beautiful horizons.


Dreaming, sucking up - excellence at work

Through the work of the fabric, the Petrusse house cultivates a precious know-how.

From the nobility of materials to the beauty of ancestral gestures, it is with patience and requirement that it reinvents the greatest traditions weaves.


Atelier Petrusse - Plume - Unique creation - Scarf

Vital - Eole - Scarf

Dreaming, expressing - the soul artist

Maison Petrusse has always famous for the alliance of culture and crafts.

Inspired by artists, she forged a free spirit and a vibrant signature, where color, tirelessly, serves expression and emotion.


Dreaming, Imagine - The beautiful horizons 

It is in full awareness of the time and its issues that the Petrusse house looks at the future.

Between social and environmental responsibilities,  It is for her to create meaning and link. More than ever, solidarity to think about the future.


Paris Petrusse Nuit - Silk square - Silk - Scarf

Illumination cape - Petrusse - Sublime

Our workshops - Château Mauriac

A place synonymously synonymous with art and literature.

The creation and development workshops of Maison Petrusse are at Château Mauriac in the Bordeaux vineyard, a place steeped in history built in 1860 by Jacques Mauriac, grandfather of the Nobel Prize in Literature, François Mauriac.

This green setting inspired the writer the decor of his "best seller" Genitrix.



Florence Lafragette takes over the Petrusse house and becomes president and artistic director.


Maison Petrusse celebrates its 20th anniversary with a parade of stolen branches or scarves in banners


Distribution on medium and long flights Air France


Opening of the Tourny Boutique in Bordeaux


"Nympheas" scarf in partnership with the Musée de l'Orangerie / RMN - Grand Palais


First complete collection dedicated to men


The Petrusse house sets up at Château Mauriac


Partnership meeting of national museums. ONBA partnership (Bordeaux Aquitaine National Orchestra)


Petrusse house joins the Haussman spring in a magnificent scarf bar


First cultural partnerships


Opening of the Petrusse Raster store


The first shop in Place Saint Pierre in Bordeaux moves 41 rue des Remparts, "rue des Créators"


Petrusse Reynen, antique dealer and gallery owner, passionate about art and culture, makes a trip to India. She then discovers the universe of weavers who work on hand trades or still weave in hand while respecting ancestral traditions. It is then that the first Petrusian stoles were born and with them, the fashion of the cashmere motif is reintroduced in France; The cashmere, noble and high -end symbols are selected, stylized and reinterpreted by Petrusse