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"Mon île" d'après une photographie Aérienne du bassin d'Arcachon

"My island" according to an aerial photograph of the Arcachon basin

Maison Petrusse

Deeply artistic, the Maison Petrusse famous its attachment to the region Girondin enot vsreed the stole "My island" in Collaboration with the photographer Bordelaise Béatrice Ringenbach. 

Passionehas always by watercolor painting, the artist, originally painter, compound his works playing with the Light, transparency and unpredictability of water pigments. 

In November 2010, To prepare your painting, Beatrier take a picture Dancers of the Bordeaux National Opera. Photography is then, for her, a revelation 

"Today I left my brushes to practice the photo as a second breathing 

Since, Béatrice Ringenbach Extends his Creative field of expression to infinity. From sailing to horses, passing through the lights of the Arcachon basin and flights by plane, all these moments of life are captured through the prism of his camera.  

Inspired by a photograph of his exhibition Variations Aerial in the Arcachon basin", the House Petrusse imagined a stole as light as vibrant To enhance the wonders of the region. 

Lhas delicate matter and pattern infinite of "Monot Hee ally in a sumptuous veil of cotton and silk, tShe caresses her with a slight breeze straight from theIthe OISEAUX. 

Did you know ? 

 Bird Island is at the epicenter of the Arcachon basin Addicted of the Flows and reflux of the tides, this small island extendsR five at sixteen kilometers circumference. 

 Her name? The island owes it to the many birds that live there. Very difficult to access, shas preservation at a state almost-natural Fof this place a unique, peaceful place and infinite charm. 

 At middle of some dwarf trees sapinettes andacacias from Japon, only a few huts de fisherman attest to'a human presence. 

 Real emblems of the Ile aux Birds, these houses on stilts, called the "Cabins tchantéstake their name from sack, Gascon name of the stilts used previously by the shepherds in the marshy moors. 

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