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Petrusse, compositeur d'étoles

"Our purpose? To protect, support, and empower women and men. Fully aware of our time and its challenges, especially social and environmental ones, each of our scarves carries a meaning and tells a story."

For over 25 years, excellence has been our thread. Creativity, the link with artists and the art world, our pigment. We have always celebrated the combination of culture and craftsmanship. We believe in the power of art to inspire, transform, and unite. 

At Petrusse, our mission is to inspire and empower you to embrace your inner artist and unlock the limitless potential of your creativity. Our core identity is shaped by three fundamental values:

Liberty, Creativity, and Responsibility

We cherish these shared values, as they inspire and guide us to create a meaningful and authentic connection with all who walk alongside us. 

Liberty is our compass, guiding us to explore boundless possibilities through design and fostering a flexible work environment for our team. 

Creativity is the beating heart of our inspiration, drawing from art and artists, empowering us to craft unique and exceptional pieces with each collection. 

Responsibility is our guiding light, leading us to embrace environmental and social consciousness. We take pride in our achievements and the positive impact we create. 


More than 25 years ago, our journey ignited with an enchanting inspiration drawn from the world of Indian cashmeres. Today, Maison Petrusse stands tall, celebrated for its elegant scarves and exquisite fabrics, reviving the allure of cashmere motifs throughout France, and flourishing collaborations with prestigious museums and visionary artists. 

In 2019, Florence Lafragette took the reins, driven by a vision of creativity, heritage, and sustainability. As we embark on this journey, we hold true to our core values, weaving stories of beauty, purpose, and connection into every fabric we create. 

Over the years, Petrusse has experienced a remarkable growth journey. Today, we are thrilled and proud to showcase our exquisite products in two charming boutiques nestled in Bordeaux, another prestigious location in the heart of Paris, and esteemed department stores like Printemps Haussmann and Le Bon Marché. Moreover, our creations have reached far and wide, gracing the shelves of more than 300 carefully selected points of sale both within France and internationally. To top it all, we are elated to offer our masterpieces to customers worldwide through our esteemed online platform. 

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Since 2010, the creative Ateliers of Maison Petrusse have found their haven at Château Mauriac, nestled in the heart of Bordeaux's vineyards. A place steeped in poetry, Château Mauriac has become the perfect setting for a brand that fosters special connections with the world of Art and Culture. 

The château was built in 1860 by Jacques Mauriac, the grandfather of Nobel Prize in Literature laureate, François Mauriac. This enchanting location serves as a constant source of inspiration for our team's creativity. 

In this place, where Art and literature intertwine, excellence becomes our guiding thread. Our creations are exclusive and limited editions, reflecting the close bond we share with artists and the world of culture, from which we draw both inspiration and creativity. The most esteemed institutions regularly seek our artistic vision to translate the nobility of their heritage onto our stoles. 

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https://www.instagram.com/p/C0JUbSQisPl/[SHARP-CAPTION]Divine Idylle…

L’un de vos grands coups de coeur réédité dans des nuances qui réveillent toutes les silhouettes !

Carré de #soie dessiné, composé et imprimé en #france . 


Divine Idylle … 

One of your favorites that awaken all shape ! 

Silk square designed, composed and printed in France

#maisonpetrusse #petrusselovesart #petrusselovesyou #creativity #scraf #chic #maisonfrancaise #madeinfrance
https://www.instagram.com/p/Cz_7AIEiVDg/[SHARP-CAPTION]Mon coeur bat la chamade…

Chamade est un carré de #soie dessiné et fabriqué en France.

In the mood for you!


My heart beats wildly…

Chamade is a #silk square designed and made in France.

In the mood for you ! 

#exclusivedesign #fabricationfrancaise #maisonpetrusse #petrusselovesart #petrusselovesyou #maisonfrancaise
https://www.instagram.com/p/Cz6yHesCl33/[SHARP-CAPTION]Depuis 4 ans déjà nous organisons notre désormais traditionnelle CACHEMIRE WEEK.

C’est l’occasion de vous présenter toutes nos nouvelles pièces en éditions  limitées. Des #cachemires légers et enveloppants, des dessins #uniques imaginés pour vous accompagner tout au long de l’hiver. Cette année notre gamme de cachemires unis s’est étoffée de nouveaux tissages et nuances. Rendez-vous sur notre site et en boutique pour les découvrir.

Et comme il est que
https://www.instagram.com/p/Cz3G-XKCDe-/[SHARP-CAPTION]Notre motif iconique se décline en carré de #soie et de #laine et vient d'être réédité. Eve dans tous ses états… 

Et si savoir quel #foulard vous va vous fait vous mettre dans tous vos états…

Si vous êtes un homme et que nouer une #etole , porter un foulard, trouver LA couleur qu’il vous faut, vous fait vous poser beaucoup de questions : contactez nous en message privé, nous organisons un évènement sur ce thème en petit comité le 23 novembre dans notr
https://www.instagram.com/p/CzrNFrOCM6n/[SHARP-CAPTION]Laissez-vous emporter par l'émotion et la créativité.


Let yourself be carried away by emotion and creativity.

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