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Maison Petrusse


#Freedom #Creativity #Responsibility #Exigence #Care 


For more than 25 years, excellence has been our thread. Creativity, the link with artists and the art world, our pigment. In our sights? The beautiful horizons.      

Through the work of the fabric, we cultivate a precious know-how. From the nobility of materials to the beauty of ancestral gestures, it is with patience and high standards that we reinvent the greatest weaving traditions.     

We have always celebrated the alliance of culture and craftsmanship. Inspired by artists, we have forged a free spirit and a vibrant signature, where color tirelessly serves expression and emotion.    

"Our raison d'être? To protect, accompany and reveal women and men. Fully aware of our time and its challenges, particularly social and environmental, each of our scarves tells a story. At every moment, the present becomes a legend. At each moment, our actions commit us, weave our future and that of our future generations. " 

Each year, the fashion industry emits 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions*. Unlike ready-to-wear fashion, our creations are designed to last. Like the fashion industry, however, it is more than necessary for us to take our responsibilities. This is why each of our actions is anchored in a sustainable development approach and commits us. This is how we create with awareness and respect for our values: freedom, creativity, responsibility, high standards and benevolence.    

The cornerstone of our development is shaped by a deep respect for our heritage, for nature and for the men and women who make up our company. Between social and environmental responsibilities, it is for us all about creating meaning and link. More than ever, solidarity to think the future.     

COMMITMENTS: We have set ourselves quick and concrete objectives since the takeover of Maison Petrusse in 2019 and are proud to share, for the first time, our first achievements 2022, the year of our 25th anniversary, which cover the entire value chain from product creation to distribution.   

Thus, our development is ecologically and ethically thought out and our actions are based on three pillars: the environment (Proximity), the products (Products designed to last), and the human relations (Sustainable links). These pillars are the foundations of our development. We mobilize ourselves every day to reach our objectives and to build a Maison Petrusse that at every moment builds a more sustainable and responsible future where each step of the value chain is ethical, respected and thought to last.  

Today and for the first time, we are able to share 25 key figures echoing the 25 years of existence of our House. Each year we will add an essential point that will be the focus of the year.   

Florence Lafragette    

President and Artistic Director



Our Atelier is located at Château Mauriac surounded by Nature in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards. This environment reminds us every day of our convictions and helps us to stay on course towards an ever deeper search for exigence, and above all for proximity and transparency.    

  1. Thus, we have contributed to meeting our environmental challenges:    

    • by reducing the carbon impact (products, packaging and communication tools)    
    • by introducing local and responsible production (in France, in Europe and in our Workshop): taking the Made in France turn since April 2019.    

    Linen: in 2020, we introduced 100% Made in France linen with the Master of Linen label (a seal of excellence from plant to fabric). A highly ecological plant, for which rainwater is sufficient. A zero GMO plant, zero waste. From planting to weaving, linen is transformed through non-polluting mechanical activities. It is entirely biodegradable and useful for the environment because it retains greenhouse gases (LODYSSEE range, emblematic of our Made in France odyssey)    

    LODYSSEE and UMA have the Masters of Linen® label, a registered trademark and a seal of excellence 100% 'Made in' EUROPE, the guarantee of European traceability of linen, from the plant to the yarn and fabric. A reference for professionals and consumers.  

    Silk: We have rigorously selected new partners in France capable of mastering the know-how of printing on silk.    

    Finally, it is in our Atelier at Château Mauriac that our Made in France accessories are produced every day: mostly upcycled, 100% handmade. A selection of ribbons tiaras, scrunchies and other  accessories are made with the greatest care in our workshops.    

    We believe in committed creativity, in sustainable development. As such, the team plays a central role in bringing the company's values to life and promoting them internally and externally.   


    Focus on the PE22 Collection Eternal Sunshine. Our first collection that is resolutely ethical and responsible.   

    Our products by geographical area:     

    74% Made in Europe including 67% Made in France (7% Made in Italy)    

    Outside Europe, 73% of our references have a label    

    Material and packaging sourcing:  

    We go even further in sourcing materials and packaging, catalogs and tools    

    100% of the products in our collections are in line with our values   

    Packaging made in France for our made in France products and PEFC or FSC certified for printed products. Local printing company LA SODAL certified "Imprim'VERT" (IMPRIM'VERT® aims at reducing the environmental impacts linked to the printing company's activities). Our catalogs are 100% made in France and we have significantly reduced the number of copies produced over the last 3 years (83% reduction in the number of copies by 2022 compared to 1999).   

    Development of adaptable and evolving packaging and permanent bags, responsibly manufactured, that last through the seasons.




Our stoles are created and produced with care, with noble materials. They are designed to last and accompany us every day. In 2020, we found the right balance between responsible materials, producing what is needed, where it is needed, and when it is needed:    

By capitalizing on responsible fibers:    

Master of linen labeled linen (see above) and also:   

Organic Cotton: The cultivation of organic cotton uses no insecticides and pesticides and requires less irrigation: a 91% water saving is made compared to conventional cotton. We guarantee the traceability and the respect of social and environmental criteria from the fiber to the stole thanks to the GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard).    

CUPRO: an innovative and responsible fiber produced from cotton linter which envelops the seeds of a cotton plant. Before the appearance of Cupro in 1890 in Japan, cotton linter was discarded as an unusable piece of cotton.   

The waste produced during the Cupro creation process is fully recycled, with an overall recycling rate close to 100%. Cupro is also fully biodegradable.   

The properties of Cupro are numerous: it is an excellent thermo-regulator, anti-perspirant and hypo-allergenic. Because of the treatment it undergoes, Cupro has a much softer aspect than conventional cotton and an aspect (touch, fall) similar to that of silk.   

 100% biodegradable in 2 months.   

The choice of certified suppliers and responsible materials:   

We only use faux-fur and all the feathers used in the making of our formal stoles (Petrusse Shine) are natural feathers from birds raised for food. Of note: our main feather supplier uses sustainable clean energy supply through the installation of solar panels for the production of hot water needed in the dye factory.  

Respect for animals:   

In accordance with the Washington Convention**, our partners never use feathers from protected or endangered birds; only from animals raised for the food industry. Feathers are collected and selected instead of being disposed of as organic manure. 



As an Artistic Heritage Company, we design, interpret and develop, through weaving and color, a palette inspired by the world of art and our unique spirit. We seal in our stoles the alliance of culture and craftsmanship. Responsible Company, anchored in its time, we create with passion, ethics and commitment and act with respect for our environment. Connected company, we like to share and bond with our clients, share our know-how and our values.     

Today, we are united by strong and lasting links with our entire value chain:    

The men and women of the company are at the center. Our values of FREEDOM - CREATIVITY - RESPONSIBILITY – EXCELLENCE and CARE have been collectively defined and each member of the team ensures that they are respected.    

The artists we work with are chosen for their human and artistic qualities. They share and promote our values.    

The brands associated with our development share our values and convictions. 100% of our partners are committed to a responsible approach to French quality manufacturing.   

Our customers and partners adhere to these values. We wish to continue to associate them in this way and to always accompany them, to reveal, to sublimate with stoles, scarves, which assert their personality and give them confidence.     

We have thus woven a solid chain starting from nature, heritage, artistic collaborations, to collaborators, to sourcing, manufacturing and distribution partners associating all our customers. 



 Proximity :   

  1. More than 60% of the PE22 collection is manufactured in France  
  2. 74% of PE22 references are made in Europe (26% in India)
  3. 100% of our jewelry and upcycled products are made in France  
  4. French manufacturing of this collection is up 46% from the previous year
  5. In two years: 40% reduction of transport volumes on purchases. 
  6. 100% of the products in the PETRUSSE MAISON line are made in France  
  7. 100% of the framed pieces were made in our workshops at Château Mauriac

 Responsible products designed to last:   

  1. 73% of products manufactured outside France have labels   
  2. We increased the part of Made in France references in this collection by 46% in comparison to the previous year .
  3. 100% of our plain linens are 100% made in France  
  4. 47% of our PE22 cottons are organically grown
  5. 53% of the PE22 collection are made in France 
  6. 36% of PE22 products are certified
  7. Rationalization of purchases has allowed us to reduce the volume of stocks by 42% in 2022 -,compared to 2019 
  8. 100% of our partners respect our ethical and responsible specifications (WIP Charter)    
  9. 100% of our unique pieces and very limited edition series are certified by ARTtrust
  10. 100% of the products that our customers keep and bring back to us have been repaired (except for machine-washed boiled wool)   
  11. 31% of the references contained innovative or recycled materials
  12. We only use faux-fur 
  13. 100 % of the feathers used for Petrusse hine are ethical and responsible
  14. 90% of our samples are reused


Long-term relationships:   

  1. 100% of our partners are chosen for their values and 100% of our collaboration are in line with our values.  
  2. 100% of our employees have followed one or more social impact actions (product donnations, making masks and overcoats, partnerships with foundations...)  
  3. For our customers, we practice a fair pricing policy that allows us to fairly pay and consider each person who contributed to the manufacturing of the product 
  4. 100% of our shoots are made in France and as close as possible to our workshops to limit the carbon impact and international travel when particularly necessary 


*Source: French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transmission  

**Wasington Convention: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, known as CITES, or Washington Convention, aims to ensure that international trade in species listed in its appendices I, II and III, as well as parts (skins, feathers ...) and products derived from them (leather, handbags, musical instruments, cosmetics ...), does not harm the conservation of biodiversity and is based on sustainable use of wild species.