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Best wishes for the year 2022

Maison Petrusse


Faster - higher - stronger - together

Compose, dream, reinvent yourself. In full awareness of the time and its issues.

Almost three years ago, I resumed the Petrusse house. With you, for you, with the team, we have made an incredible path punctuated with great moments, of constant reinvention and attention paid to the strength of our drawings and stories that make us vibrate, in connection with The world art. An adventure where the CSR, cornerstone of our development, Excellence of our products manufactured in the rules of the art, commit us to always be more attentive to expectations of our customers and partners every day more numerous.

Our mission ? You to accompany, you reveal, you sublimate With a stole, a scarf, an accessory that affirms your personality and gives you confidence. With the conviction of just balance Between producing when you need, where you need and above all ... what you need.


This year, it seemed to us essential to go even further:

✨ Even more limited editions and exclusive, color declination, reissue of models timeless and eternal, new drawings, models and formats. Of the artistic collaborations Constantly renewed and reinforced like those that we continue to weave season after season with in particular Rodolphe Martinez, Arnaud Bruhknoff, Denys Beaumatin, Nicolas Delas and the news that we hope will make you vibrate like us. We end the year with Chloé Mons with whom we composed four hands Bashung stole.

✨ Again and again Solidarity actions like that imagined in favor of Tara Ocean Foundation that we decided to continue in January. Context obliges, we continued to achieve and improve our protection masks (certified this year category 1).

✨ The creation of a New Deco line For the house and a range Petrusse Zen In collaboration with the committed yoga brand Baya, with whom we have created yoga carpets around the common values ​​of creativity, authenticity, self -alignment and eco -responsibility.

✨ Of the social networks Always more active to share with you what inspires us and our ideas for looks; networks that have extended in China With the birth of 3 new accounts already acclaimed by new customers happy to travel through our silk squares and our stoles.

✨ Even more of small attentions as part of our Loyalty program carried by teams in our shops and points of sale, boosted by the joy they read in your eyes, when they share their knotted secrets and that they decipher our stoles borrowed from meaning and values ​​as recently the one we have created for The Blueberry of France.


✨ Against and against everything, we have managed to do this year a living year by participating in many festivals, vibrating alongside artists: Avignon theater festival With the play the return of the planet, the Cannes cinema festival With the CST and its award ceremony to the best technician artist, the Ciné-Comedie Festival from Lille, the International Film Festival of Antipodes from St Tropez, the Fifib from Bordeaux, and finally the Vincennes Film Festival beyond the screen de Vincennes.

Impossible to end the year without warmly thank our partners that we carefully select and who accompany us in the choices of best subjects, of the impressions Where weavings The most remarkable, in the distribution as close as possible to you. As such we want to thank the Spring who awarded us the Label united towards - the handsome manager and who knew how to highlight Our circular economy initiatives.

This year 2022 will be particularly symbolic : we are about to celebrate the 25 spring From Maison Petrusse and launch a new collection at the start of the year. A collection resolutely ethics and responsible which reflects our commitments and Your desire for freedom, colours, of joy.

✨ Of the materials always more pleasant and thoughtful, ever more vibrant colors. A communion with the nature that surrounds us, we inspire, we protect and that we respect, valuis, honor. We drew from our values ​​of freedom, creativity, responsibility ; In our region of creation wrapped in the ocean spray that rocks us and live us; in our demanding partnerships To imagine and create a collection made for vibrate and for last.

At the heart of the collection? New subjects like the cupro, responsible fiber and fluffy produced from cotton lininters. Our Made in France Odyssey Cut one more step with the integration into the collection cotton stoles and of jacquards Made in France. They complete the Silk range and linen that we produce with pride and in the rules of the art in partnership with The best French craftsmen.


It is in full conscience that we embody the future. Well anchored in the present. Our conviction is intact, our stronger requirements more than ever, our actions and Our creativity as an emblem. A vibrant signature where color tirelessly serves expression and emotion.

We couldn't cite All initiatives of the year, thank all the partners with whom we love to work, Reveal all projects that are important to us. If you have any questions about the initiatives we have listed or forgotten; Ideas or wishes for 2022 ; If you want to join the Dream Team of our Silk Valley in Paris, Bordeaux or in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyard at Château Mauriac: Write us to hello@petrusse.com ; We will listen to you as always with the greatest attention !

Everything has been imagined for you And you allowed us to grow and surpass ourselves: a big thank-you ! And forward Towards the beautiful horizons this year 2022. The whole Petrusian team joins me to send you good waves, colorful and in beautiful emotions.

Florence Lafragette, president & artistic director

Freedom, creativity, responsibility