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Your Concerns Are Our Actions

Maison Petrusse

Weaving Creative and Responsible Stories 

Every year is an adventure for us, a story to weave with you. Ultra-limited editions, unique designs, custom shawls, and exclusive series framed and certified by ARTtrust – we constantly strive to surprise you with creations that evoke new horizons. In recent years, we've undergone significant changes, and among ourselves, we refer to them as heroic years.

Sustainability at the Core of Our Concerns 

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ingrained in our DNA. In 2023, we proudly presented our first CSR report, demonstrating that sustainability is the cornerstone of our development. We've made significant progress, with 65% of our products manufactured in France in the current collection. Going from less than 2% to over 65% in five years speaks to our deep convictions and determination to do better for you, for us, and for nature. 

Intimate Connection with India: Boteh, Symbol of Connection 

This year, we want to share more about our inspirations and the craftsmanship we discover beyond our borders, especially in India. Our logo, composed of cashmere palmettes, attests to our connection to India and its rich expertise in weaving and colors. The "Boteh," representing a cypress, is an enigmatic and inspiring symbol. It embodies a tree standing tall, connecting the earth to the sky, and when bent, a sign of humility. It is with this same respect that we approach our work, honoring nature, our teams, and partners. 

2024: An Olympic Year of Creativity and Commitment 

For 2024, we could ignite the spirit of an "Olympic Year," paying homage to the momentum that propels us beyond the boundaries of creativity. Every day is an opportunity for reinvention. We'll present two major collections: "A Breath of Poetry" for spring-summer and "Live, A Moment of Unity" for autumn-winter. Special capsules will take you to the Majorelle Gardens in February and to India in April, unveiling some of our sources of inspiration. 

An Epic Year: Sharing and Support 

We anticipate an epic year, full of challenges and opportunities. We stand in solidarity with those fighting individual battles and collective causes close to our hearts: the planet, education, and a more just society. We will continue to develop sharing products for the benefit of causes and associations deserving of our support. 

Together, Weaving Stories to Wear Skin-Deep 

Join us in this symphonic and idyllic year. At Petrusse, we immerse ourselves in your dreams to create eco-friendly, creative, vibrant collections. "Story feeling" – we've already begun together, with you and for you, writing stories you proudly wear. May your dreams and actions be written on the best possible score. 

Let's enter this symphonic and idyllic year together! 

Florence Lafragette 

President & Artistic Director